1. 1950's STEIFF OWL- 4" mohair owl with glass eyes and small silver button. In very nice condition. $58.00
  2. .1950's STEIFF BLACK- 9" mohair cat with glass eyes and small silver button. In very nice condition. $68.00
  3. .1950's STEIFF OWL- 9" mohair owl with glass eyes and no button. In very nice vintage condition condition. $58.00
  4. Felix the Cat - 4 1/2" Wood Toy - Pat Sullivan 1925 Schoenhut-Wonderful old wood toy - such character!!! As normal the elastic is stretched a bit at his legs and arms. His ears are in great shape and so is his paint. $165.00
  5. Vintage Antique Porcelain Halloween Black Cat- Japan – 2 1/2” with a open back for candy or toothpicks. $42.00
  6. Vintage Halloween Germany Pumpkin Man Candy Container-Vintage West Germany Halloween Pumpkin Man candy container made of molded cardboard.Printed, "Western Germany" on the bottom. Stands 5 3/4" tall,the red paint has worn off his nose, otherwise in very nice condition. $85.00
  7. Vintage 1950's Hard Plastic Jack-o-lantern-This is a 5 1/2" hard plastic pumpkin with a hole on the bottom for a light bulb. The bulb and cord is still present. There is one tight crack on the back. $45.00

  8. Vintage 1950's Hard Plastic Jack-o-lantern-This is a 4 1/2" hard plastic pumpkin with a hole on the bottom for a light bulb. The bulb and cord is missing. No cracks or any damage. $45.00
  9. Vintage Germany Porcelain Anthropomorphic Pickle Condiment Jar -Adorable Pickle Veggie Head relish jar with spoon. Made out of porcelain with the original leaf spoon. Measures 4 1/2" long and 2" tall. Adorable detail veggie face. Has the early Germany numbers on the bottom.In great condition, no chips or cracks or paint wear. $72.00
  10. Vintage Halloween Coffin Skeleton Bank - Japan- windup.Coffin measures 6 1/4" long made of metal. Litho is in great shape. Bank still works fine. Marked, "Yone, Made in Japan". $95.00
  11. Early Japan Witch on her broom stick-She is porcelain and measures 2 1/4" to the top of her head and 3 1/4" long. Stamped, "Japan" in read ink on the bottom.In very nice condition, no chips, c. 1940s. $59.00
  12. Vintage Antique Halloween Celluloid Cupie Doll – 4” $45.00
  13. Vintage Halloween 1930's Early Japan Porcelain Veggie Head Holder -4 1/2” porcelain veggie head with a open pumpkin. $55.00
  14. Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Men Wood Rachet Noisemaker- rachet is 6" tall and 5" long. It is wood and stamped, "Japan" on it. It is decorated with two chenille and crepe paper body pumpkin men with wooden heads and brooms. In excellent condition. $65.00
  15. VINTAGE JAPAN 30'S ASHTRAY- small porcelain Clown ashtray for Halloween parties and bridge game night. Made of porcelain with a lusterware finish. Measures 1 1/2" tall and 2 3/4" tall. Stamped, "Japan" on the bottom. In nice condition, no chips or cracks. $38.00
  16. Vintage 60's Tin Halloween Spark Toy Pumpkin Face Japan Sparkler Jack O Lantern- 5 1/2”, no longer sparks, mostly metal. $40.00
  17. . MOTHER GOOSE BOOKLET- 8 1/2" X 7" booklet with 5 pages and 5 full page color artwork signed by Gordan Robinson. The book shows overall darken edges but no tears or creases. The binding is intact and strong. This is when the original Mother Goose is more of a grumpy witch with her goose familiar. So my guess is this book is from the 20's or 30's. On top of the front cover is hand writing from Aunt Susie. $30.00
  18. Vintage JAGS lead Barclay Halloween Cat- 2 1/2" to the tip of the tail. His ears are formed going back. 100% paint remaining, reads "Jags" on the bottom. $65.00
  19. .BEACH HALLOWEEN PARTY CUPS IN ORIGINAL PACKAGE- 8 unused cups still in package. $28.00
  20. .BEACH HALLOWEEN PARTY PLATES IN ORIGINAL PACKAGE- 8 unused plates in package. $35.00
  21. PAPER NAPKIN- 7" unused, no tears or stains. $12.00
  22. Vintage Mother Goose Book, #621 M. A. Donohue & Co, Chicago- 14 page children’s book from the olden days. Measures 8 1/4” by 7” and is in good vintage condition - no rips or tears - back cover has a fold and some pages partially detached from staple binding. c. 1900's. $25.00
  23. Vintage Hansel & Gretal Fairy Tale Coloring Book -oversized clean and unused coloring book. Measures 11 x 14.5 inches. Un-numbered with approx 95pp. including 16 dot-dot drawing pages at rear. Never used, near mint. $35.00
  24. .HUGE HANSEL AND GRETEL PUSH OUT BOOK- 14" x 10" book with 7 heavy paper or thin cardboard pages of the Gingerbread House, Witch, Hansel, Gretel, Fence, and fireplace. Reads on the front cover, "25 cents, Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, WI, Copyright 1956". The binding is starting to separate due to the heavy pages, otherwise this book is in wonderful condition. No marks, no writing, no tears, no cuts, or other types of damage. $42.00

    .EARLY 1900's REAL PHOTO POSTCARD- children dressed for Halloween. The tiny white dots on their hats and on their cuffs are actual hand applied raised application. Card is in very nice condition with corner wear. No creases, no date stamp marks, and no other damage. Card has a 1/2 cent stamp and was mailed in the UK. $35.00




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