1. GERMAN BOY ON BLUE HONEYCOMB- 5" charming stand-up Valentine in wonderful condition. The honeycomb is fine and there are no creases or damage to the Valentine. $28.00
  2. GERMAN HONEYCOMB BOY NEXT TO WINDMILL- 5"tall with one little piece of tissue in the honeycomb is missing, otherwise in bright and clean condition. $30.00
  3. GERMAN HONEYCOMB VALENTINE- 5 1/2" embossed typewritter on top a honeycomb pedestal. Tiny letter below reads, "To my Valentine, why don't someone ask someone to be someone's Valentine?". In excellent condition. $29.00
  4. GERMAN HONEYCOMB GIRL NEXT TO FOUNTAIN- 4 1/2" in excellent condition. $29.00
  5. GERMAN HONEYCOMB- 6" tall and in excellent pristine condition. $22.00
  6. GERMAN HONEYCOMB- 7" with a crease on the bottom right corner, otherwise bright and clean. $18.00
  7. .GERMAN FOLD OUT VALENTINE WITH HONEYCOMB IN THE CENTER- 7 1/2" tall with 4 layers. In very nice condition, no creases or missing pcs. $32.00
  8. GERMAN FOLD OUT VALENTINE WITH GOOGLIE EYES- 7 1/2" tall with 3 layers. In excellent condition, no creases or missing pcs. $28.00
  9. GERMAN FOLD OUT VALENTINE- 5" tall with 3 layers. Cute little girl with dolls and teddy bear. Stamped, "Germany" on the back. In excellent condition. $12.00
  10. EARLY CELLULOID HEART PIN- 2" thin celluloid buffy heart pin- perfect condition.$38.00
  11. .HONEYCOMB USA FOUNTAIN- 8" tall with a little heart that reads, "Oh could you teach the heart of thine to be my Valentine". The very top of the valentine's tissue is a little smashed, the rest is in great shape. The pencil date on the back is 1920. $35.00
  12. LARGE 10" HONEYCOMB FOUNTAIN- In excellent condition, no tears or smashed tissue. $35.00
  13. 3 COLOR HONEYCOMB FOUNTAIN- 8" colorful honeycomb in excellent condition. No tears or smashed tissue. $38.00
  14. HONEYCOMB USA BEISTLE CUPIDS AND HEART STAND UP- 7 1/2" tall Valentine is great condition, no creases are tissue damage. The back lever has tape to keep the Valentine open. $32.00
  15. . GERMAN COMICAL CAT CHARACTER- 4" mechanical cat in excellent condition, no bends. $18.00
  16. ...VALENTINE SMALL STORY BOOK with GLASS EYES ON THE FRONT- 6" tall with four pages of colorful graphics and a story. In mint condition. It does not say who made these but are vintage and unusual. $28.00
  17. {short description of image}..{short description of image} WHITNEY MADE FOUR CUPIDS- 4" fancy shaped Valentine reads, "Dear old St. Valentine, I guess, Knew what he was about. He knew 'twas better to confess. The things we're thinking about." This card is clean and bright and marked Whitney Made. The two lowest points have tiny light creases. $9.00
  18. .WHITNEY MADE COLORFUL HEART- 6" Valentine, the shop on the front is called, "D. Cupid & Co.". Poem reads, "No eye so bright, no foot so light, No heart so tender and true. As those of a little girl. Who can't set my heart a-twirl. And that little girl is YOU." Marked W.M. and in excellent condition, no creases, tears, or stains. $9.00
  19. ..{short description of image} LITTLE BOY READS HIS VALENTINE- 5" embossed card in excellent condition, no creases, tears, or stains. $8.00
  20. {short description of image}..WHITNEY MADE CUPIDS IN A HEART- 4" marked W.M. and in excellent condition. Reads, "I cannot put my thoughts to print. I simply give this little hint. I'd like to be your valentine. " $5.00
  21. {short description of image}.. WHITNEY MADE CUPID BEHIND A GIRL IN SWING- 4 1/2" marked W.M. and in excellent condition. Reads, "If a body love a body. Just as I love you. Should a body send a body. Just a line or two? etc...$5.00

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